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  • WebEx hourly Training ("B" and "C" sessions)
    One-on-One remote training through your computer, at home or office.

Dragon Virtual User Group Meetings (DVUG)

Dragon Virtual User Group Meetings (DVUG)

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The DVUG meetings are open to all Kaiser employees who use NaturallySpeaking or are interested in using NaturallySpeaking. The meetings are moderated by an EXAQ trainer and will include short training sessions on topics of interest and provide time for questions and discussions of problems and solutions by the participants.
Schedule: Starting May, 2009 the meetings are normally scheduled twice a year on the 3th Thursday of the month starting at 12:45 and will run for about 45 minutes during the normal lunch break.   Additional meetings may be schduled in between as the need arises.  Please register for the next meeting if you would like to be notified of any additional meetings or of changes to the meeting shedule.
To attend a session simply click on any of the Join links on this page.  If this is the first time you have attended a Users Group Session you should join the session about 10 minutes early as you may be asked to download and install a WebEx component.  The component installation normally takes just a few minutes and has been approved by Kaiser IT.  Once you have joined the session, a screen will be displayed showing the toll free teleconference number to call and a user ID to use when joining the teleconference for the session.  Dial the number, then enter the ID when prompted.


List of Previous topics
Details/Register/Join (password: Welcome2U)

Meeting Schedule
Please note: At the May meeting of the DVUG it was decided that future meetings would be held twice a year with additional meetings scheduled in between should important or useful topics come up.

Meetings at 12:45 PM unless otherwise noted.


Thursday, Sept. 17
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  • Introductions
  • Kaiser Topics of Interest
  • Training Topic:
    Maximizing Productivity using Dragon in HealthConnect
  • Q&A Session

HealthConnect is a registered trademark of Epic Systems
There is no limit to the number of attendees to the DVUG meetings.
There are no fees for the DVUG meetings.
Advanced registration is recommended.  There is no cost for registration or the meeting and those who have registered will receive only notification of any changes to the schedule and a meeting reminder prior to the meetings.
To join or register for the next meeting:  To view additional information, to register or to join the meeting click Here.  (password: Welcome2U)

Note: We recommend that you log in about 15 minutes early if you have not joined a session previously from the computer you will be using.  This will allow you time to download and install WebEx components that may be required prior to joining the session.  This process is authorized by Kaiser IT and should only take a few minutes for most Kaiser users.

Teleconference: After connecting to the WebEx session, a Teleconference screen will display the teleconference information below.  After calling the Kaiser Permanente Teleconferencing number, an automated voice will then prompt you to press the star (*) key, the meeting number, and the star key again.  After entering the numbers, you will be joined to the meeting.
  • Call in #: 1-866-966-0566
  • Meeting #: *8445539*

NaturallySpeaking Session "A" Group Training Sessions

NaturallySpeaking Session "A" Group Training Sessions

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 Schedule of Classes


The Session "A" Group Training provides an introduction to the basics of using NaturallySpeaking at Kaiser. This class is divided into to convenient sessions.
  • Part 1:  Helps users "get started right" at Kaiser. Covers common problems encountered by new users as well as effective strategies for dictation, corrections, revisions, document navigation, capitalization and numbers.
  • Part 2:  Introduces more advanced topics for increasing productivity and accuracy as well as productivity strategies for using Kaiser applications such as HealthConnect, eChart, TRRS, CoPath, CIPS and others.
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Schedule of classes

Dragon Virtual Users Group
Topic Archive
June Dealing with Difficult Words Part 1

July Dealing with Difficult Words Part 2

August Getting the most from NaturallySpeaking and HealthConnect

September Dictating SmartPhrases and Smart Links into HealthConnect

October Using the KVC to create SmartPhrases for HealthConnect

November Dealing with Difficult Words: Getting the most from Spoken Forms

December Maximizing Productivity: Custom Words and Phrases
Maximizing Accuracy Your Way: When and How to Train Words Effectively

February Maximizing Productivity Your Way: Using Short Cuts

Dealing with Difficult Words Part 1

Dealing with Difficult Words Part 2 -  Recording (4/9/08)

Getting the most from NaturallySpeaking and HealthConnect

Dictating SmartPhrases and Smart Links into KP HealthConnect®

Using the KVC to access HealthConnect SmartPhrases & SmartLinks

Open Q and A Session; all questions welcome for discussion

September Maximizing Productivity: Text and Graphics List Commands

 KVC commands for HC SmartPhrases

Navigating in HealthConnect with NaturallySpeaking

Using Dragon Medical to transcribe from a digital recorder
2009 January Custom Navigation Commands Part 1: Step-by-Step

February Custom Navigation Commands Part 2: Advanced Scripting

Open Forum: NaturallySpeaking Productivity Techniques for HealthConnect

Open Forum: Navigation Commands for HealthConnect

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