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Registering for class sessions is easy if you have been provided with a Prepaid Class Coupon.   Simply call our office to schedule a convient time for your class.:

NaturallySpeaking Session "A" Group Training Sessions
The Session "A" Group Training provides an introduction to the basics of using NaturallySpeaking at Kaiser.  The Group Training is divided into two 1.5-hour Sessions: Session A Part 1, and Session A Part 2.  Both sessions are intended to have time at the end for questions and answers from participants.  The Group Training sessions are intended to allow the attendees to get started properly with NaturallySpeaking, minimize "start up frustration",  and to obtain maximum benefit from the one-on-one training to follow.
  • Part 1:  Covers the technology and its capabilities and limitations.  The core skills needed for dictation are covered as well as some of the more common problems encountered during voice profile creation and initial usage.  Completing Part 1 should allow the user to successfully create a voice profile, identify if there are any problems with the system and to use NaturallySpeaking to accomplish the basic tasks necessary for successful dictation including: dictation strategies, corrections, revisions, document navigation, capitalization and numbers.

  • Part 2:  Introduces more advanced topics for increasing productivity and accuracy.  The Vocabulary Editor is discussed as a tool to address problem words, acronyms, and commonly used phrases.  The Command Browser is discussed as a tool for identifying commands and maintaining custom commands.  General strategies for using NaturallySpeaking with Kaiser Applications such as HealthConnect, eChart, TRRS, CoPath, CIPS and email are discussed.  The basic productivity tools of the Kaiser Voice Commands (KVC) are introduced for those who have them.

Ideally participants should create their voice profiles and the tutorial included with the software prior to starting Part 1.  This will reduce the probability that there will be IT problem to resolve after the training.  If the participant runs into any problems using the software, they should simply wait for the class before continuing.  If participants have not had the opportunity to create a voice profile prior to completing Part 1, they should create it and start using NaturallySpeaking as soon after the class as possible to minimize "Knowledge Evaporation."  In any event, it is recommended that the user have some experience using NaturallySpeaking prior to taking Part 2.

Schedule: Classes are scheduled upon request. Once you have registered to take a class, we will schedule the sessions at a convient time.  Call us or use our secure shopping cart to purchase and register for the classes.

  • Class size: Class sizes will be limited depending on the number of  Panelists available to support the session.  Once a class is full it will be closed to additional registrations.

  • Class Minimums:  There are no class minimums.


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$99.00 (includes Parts 1 & 2)
For Prepaid Class coupons, please see below.

Classes must be paid in advance.  Two payment options are available:
  • Payment online during registration using our secure shopping cart.  Payment can be made using MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover, or PayPal.

  • Payment by Check or Credit Card to EXAQ Inc. Contact Us

Prepaid Class Coupons
Prepaid Class Coupons are purchased by Kaiser for groups of NaturallySpeaking users.  If you have a prepaid Class Coupon, simply call our office to schedule a convient time for the class.

  • Payment and registration approval are required in advance.
  • Registrations are for specific sessions and can be completed online or directly with EXAQ.
  • Registration for each session closes 24 hours prior to the start of the session
Classes are available to Kaiser employees only.  Registrations from non-Kaiser employees will not be approved.

Registration for a session cannot be completed until payment is received.  Once the registration has been approved and payment received, attendance instructions for  requested sessions will be emailed to the email address on the registrations.

Changing a registration to a different Session:  There is no charge to change a registration to another session if the change request is received at least 1 week in advance of the session.  There is a $10.00 administration fee to change requests received less than 1 week before the class starts.  "No shows" are eligible for a one time change of session at no charge as listed in Cancellations below..

Once the session change request has been approved, the attendance code for the new class will be emailed to the email address listed on the registration.

  • Paid Registrations: Cancellations made at least one week prior to the session are eligible for a full refund.  There is a $20.00 cancellation fee for cancellations made less than a week before a session.  A cancellation after the start of a session or a "no show" is no longer refundable, however the registration is eligible for a no cost, one time transfer to another session scheduled within 30 days of the original session.

  • Prepaid Class Coupon Registrations: There is no penalty for rescheduling, cancellations or no-shows.  The prepaid coupon is valid for one set of classes until the coupon expires.  The prepaid coupons are transferable and non-refundable.

Terms and conditions subject to change.

We try to keep to the class schedule as published but class dates and times subject to change due to operational requirements and Kaiser requests.  All registered participants will be notified in the event of a change.


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